Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Which flavours are suitable for vegetarians?
A : All flavors on our Menu are 100% Vegetarian.

Q : Which flavours are sweet and which one is spicy?
A : Caramel, Butter Toffee and ChocoPop are sweet. , Original is Salty and Sweet.  Cheese Lovers is Sweet. Chilli Devil is meant for Spice Lovers.  Masala Masti, Lemon Pataka and Tandoor Masala are mildly spiced.

Q : What is the small packets kept inside each popcorn packet and tub along with popcorn? Are they edible?
A : The  small packets kept inside the popcorn pack is food grade silica which absorbs oxygen and moisture by keeping
the popcorn fresh and crispy. These are not edible but perfectly safe kept with food.

Q : Are there any temperature storage requirements?
A : We suggest that Caramel, Chocopop and Butter Toffee is stored in the refrigerator at 2 to 4 degrees, so it tastes better and crunchier! The other flavors are suggested to be stored in cool places (below 25 degree, eg. a room with ac or ventilate places). Keeping it in hot temperature under
the sun can make our products stick together and soggy.

Q : Where can I buy Planet Popcorn?
A : You may look at the LOCATE US link in our website to check out our stores or Place your order via Order Now on our website or Whastapp us on +91 8939659701 or +91 9176223190. You can email us on info@planetpopindia.com

Q : Does Planet Popcorn offer franchising opportunities?
A : Yes we do. We are recruiting every form of franchise and business partners. Welcome to contact with us either by
phone or email.

Service Time : 09:00am-6:00pm
Phone number : +91 8939659701
Email to : info@planetpopindia.com


We turn plain and ordinary popcorn into a spiritual heavenly antidote driven by enormous power of joy and happiness !


Freshly made every day, coated with 7 different mouth watering and exciting flavors our popcorn will surprise you with
every single bite!


Non GMO free natural
imported corn kernels with low sugar, low fat, and high fiber, free of preservatives and trans fats.