Presently We Offer 9 Delicious Mouth Watering Flavours


Original - The less flavored, well-selected popcorn with the Mediterranean sea salt. Sweet
and mild salty taste helps to bring out the original taste of popcorn. The original sweetness,
giving you an incomparable simplicity.


Cheese Lovers - Savory Cheddar Cheese melts in your tongue with mild sweetness. It is ranked
the bestseller among salty popcorn  flavors, giving you unstoppable enjoyment!


Caramel - Creamy caramel flavor and crunchy feel brings you sweet taste without the greasy mouth
feel. Caramel is ranked as our  bestseller among all the sweet popcorn flavors. You can never ignore it!


Masala Masti - Selected high quality Freshly Ground Indian Masala, a little sweet, salty and spicy taste of Indian Masala!
WoW! People are all really  crazy about it. If you like Indian Masala, we sure that you cannot miss it.


Lemon Pataka - Tangy Lemon, Green Chilli and Lemon Grass are a formidable trio who make your taste buds
go bonkers!! Especially  made for tongues craving for tangy spice!




Chilli Devil - Fiery Hot and Spicy African Chili has always been the craze for spice lovers across
the world. This is sure to  pump up your spirit  and get you super excited.


ChocoPop - Selected fine quality dark chocolate block is melted and coated thoroughly on the crunchy
popcorn - slightly sweet with a  touch of bitter, giving you supreme enjoyment!


Tandoori Masala - Spicy taste of the Punjabi Paneer Tikka Masala will bring out the best taste of Tandoori Flavour. Must Try!





Butter Toffee - Awesome taste of English Toffee made with Pure Butter and Handmade with Toffee Caramel.
This is sure to mesmerize you!.





We turn plain and ordinary popcorn into a spiritual heavenly antidote driven by enormous power of joy and happiness !


Freshly made every day, coated with 7 different mouth watering and exciting flavors our popcorn will surprise you with
every single bite!


Non GMO free natural
imported corn kernels with low sugar, low fat, and high fiber, free of preservatives and trans fats.