Customer Testimonials

Meenakshi Prathap

I hav never tasted so many variety in popcorn..and all flavours in this is very tasty..i loved it..All must try Planet popcorn

Meenakshi Prathap Faridabad, India 07:26:39 01-23-2016
Meet Mehta

Mostly the shapes of each popcorn is different bt these r the only which i see with same shape and even flavours r also different and fabulous.... Simply says awesome....


Meet Mehta Ahmedabad, India 07:25:51 01-23-2016
Kannan Kay

Every body friends and family jus love Planet popcorn ! Keep the distribution lines open
smile emoticon

All the very best!!

Kannan Kay 07:24:55 01-23-2016
Praveen Kumar Mohan

Something very new and distinct from the rest of popcorn I have tried. I like their packing and their unique flavours. But they all have a sweet after taste. And the ones I got from Bloom and Gold in Hiranandani were so bad and not crispy at all.

Praveen Kumar Mohan Chennai 07:22:39 01-23-2016
Jatan Shah

awesome flavours just loved it...please open more channel from where we can buy...

Jatan Shah 07:21:47 01-23-2016
Shradha Agarwal Choudhary

Superb taste and packaging.... Special mention abt how they went out of their way to make my delivery happen to Kolkata at the earliest..

Shradha Agarwal Choudhary Kolkata, India 14:08:43 06-25-2015


We turn plain and ordinary popcorn into a spiritual heavenly antidote driven by enormous power of joy and happiness !


Freshly made every day, coated with 7 different mouth watering and exciting flavors our popcorn will surprise you with
every single bite!


Non GMO free natural
imported corn kernels with low sugar, low fat, and high fiber, free of preservatives and trans fats.